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Sunday, 07 February 2016
ROPA - Romanian PSK Award Series

The Romanian PSK Award Series (ROPA) was devised by the European PSK Club (EPC) on 22nd May 2009. This was to sponsor a series of PSK awards based on the Administrative Geography and Amateur Radio activity in Romania. Any award in this series may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station, or DMS (SWL) eligible under these Rules who can produce evidence in a form of ADIF log of having contacted or monitored amateur radio stations from Romania on B(Q)PSK31, B(Q)PSK63, and B(Q)PSK125 modes. Credit will be given for contacts made on any of the amateur bands below 30 MHz.

Romania is divided into 41 counties, plus the Municipality of Bucharest (Bucureşti) – which has equal rank. «ROPA 10», «ROPA 20», «ROPA 30», and «ROPA 40» awards may be claimed for contacts with amateur radio stations from 10, 20, 30, and 40 counties respectively. Contacts are valid on or after 10th June 2006 with the EPC members only. The award manager is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Counties of Romania List
(Updated 27.09.2009)



County Name

EU Area
YO2Arad CountyRO01
YO2Caraş-Severin CountyRO02
YO2Hunedoara CountyRO03
YO2Timiş CountyRO04
YO3Municipality of Bucharest (Bucureşti)RO05
YO3Ilfov CountyRO06
YO4Brăila CountyRO07
YO4Constanţa CountyRO08
YO4Galaţi CountyRO09
YO4Tulcea CountyRO10
YO4Vrancea CountyRO11
YO5Alba CountyRO12
YO5Bihor CountyRO13
YO5Bistriţa-Năsăud CountyRO14
YO5Cluj CountyRO15
YO5Maramureş CountyRO16
YO5Sălaj CountyRO17
YO5Satu Mare CountyRO18
YO6Braşov CountyRO19
YO6Covasna CountyRO20
YO6Harghita CountyRO21
YO6Mureş CountyRO22
YO6Sibiu CountyRO23
YO7Argeş CountyRO24
YO7Dolj CountyRO25
YO7Gorj CountyRO26
YO7Mehedinţi CountyRO27
YO7Olt CountyRO28
YO7Vâlcea CountyRO29
YO8Bacău CountyRO30
YO8Botoşani CountyRO31
YO8Iaşi CountyRO32
YO8Neamţ CountyRO33
YO8Suceava CountyRO34
YO8Vaslui CountyRO35
YO9Buzău CountyRO36
YO9Călăraşi CountyRO37
YO9Dâmboviţa CountyRO38
YO9Giurgiu CountyRO39
YO9Ialomiţa CountyRO40
YO9Prahova CountyRO41
YO9Teleorman CountyRO42

QSL-cards are not required. Awards are issued to the person or club. The person or club can use any legal call sign. Contacts made from club stations or special event stations count to the credit of both the club and the operator. All stations must be operated in accordance with their licensing conditions. Contacts may be made from any location in the same DXCC country. Unless specifically stated otherwise, confirmations from the DMS (SWL) stations are accepted as confirmed contacts. All stations contacted must be «Land Stations». Contacts with ships and boats, anchored or underway, and airborne aircraft, cannot be counted. For the purposes of this award, remote control operating points must also be land based.

The award manager reserves the right to spot call sign for inspection of applied contacts. The purpose of this is not to call into question the integrity of any individual, but rather to ensure the overall integrity of the EPC award program. More difficult attained specialty awards are more likely to be so called. Failure of the applicant to respond to such spot check will result in non-issuance of the EPC award. The decision of the award manager on this and other matters of dispute will be finals. The submission for credit of any altered or forged log extractions or, equally, bad behaviour on or off the air which is judged by the European PSK Club to bring a particular programme into disrepute may result in disqualification of the applicant from the award program.

All claims for the ROPA awards should be made using our UltimateEPC Award Management Software written by DK5UR. The award applicant should re-submit his application when claiming for higher classes of awards. The award manager will keep all your records in our database. Please make sure before you submit your ADIF log that you have checked it with the appropriate software.

All awards are issued free of charge in a high quality PDF format, and sent via email to the applicants. Awards can be printed with the highest quality and with optimal performance by applicants themselves. The Romamian PSK Award Series (ROPA) is issued to the EPC members only. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the award manager.

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